The Philippe Spencer Green Tourmaline Statement Ring

$ 3,800.00

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Absolutely stunning! Yes, this statement ring is absolutely stunning. The  oval green tourmaline's quality (all 8.3 carats of it) is out of this world. It has a mesmerizing fresh green color, a deep glow, a polished sheen, a radiance hard to describe that you makes you want to look at it and take it all in.  Like a meditative tool, a peaceful shrine that goes everywhere with you!

The 20K gold band is entirely brushed. The band gathers under the bezel that carries the cabochon stone in curves reminiscent of two stylized swans. The bezel itself is 22K gold. This ring is entirely hand forged and one of a kind. This statement jewel weighs 13 grams! Did we mention that it is stunning?

Size 7 1/4