The Fit For A Queen Diamond Earrings

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Absolutely fit for a queen, these hand made beauties are simply extraordinary, like a rare antique jewel that one would imagine in a museum. There are three full inches of clear diamonds wrapped in 22k gold! Hand forged gold links tie the leaves in a way that allows movement, so that every move you make catches the light and creates a sparkling dance! As if that was not enough, the back of these earrings have a secret: they are as beautiful in the back as they are in the front! The intricate design is reminiscent of golden butterflies!

We found these earrings in India and we fell in love with their perfect imperfections: the cracks in the diamonds and the visible seems on the gold; They made us wonder about their history, where they had been, who wore them, at what event?  They are so mysterious. So perfectly imperfect! We named them the Fit For A Queen Diamond Earrings, because they just are.