India Time February 03 2015

The spark of an idea that became Grace started in India.  Now that Grace has become a physical (and powerful) reality, it feels natural to plot our return to India.

We will travel to Jaipur, the gem capital of the world, where every precious little jewel will be more delicious than the last.  We'll talk to goldsmiths, who wouldn't dream of using anything less than the purest gold.  We'll describe in sketches and words the creations that we want to bring back to our customers at Grace.
But before all of that, we'll have tea with the shopkeep.  Strong sweet chai, with milk of dubious origin and enough sugar to induce insulin shock.  We'll discuss business and family.  We'll have more tea.  Maybe then we'll look at jewelry.  Soon the shopkeeps friends will arrive and he will have to close for the evening's religious festival.
The next day we'll return.  For more tea and more conversation. Maybe, second time around we'll strike a deal.  If we're lucky, he'll show us his really rare treasures.  Stones that can no longer be found, or pieces commissioned for royalty.
On the third day we'll know the names of all of the shopkeeps children.  And he will have devised nicknames for all of us.  Maybe he reads our palms.  Maybe he suggests stones that would benefit our character.
At last, we will leave feeling confident that our order has been placed.  That our instructions are clear.  The shopkeep will tell us his men will begin immediately - just as soon as the week of the religous holiday has passed.